Super nice!

2013-02-22 01:57:10 by Amazingbouy

How much did I say I had done with Welchcraft? Like, 40 seconds? yeah, fuck all that! Just about over 110 seconds done of it! And it is looking BALL! I really cannot say too too much about it for obvious reasons, but I can say I will be showing everyones names in this one because of past confusion of their names.. Sorry about that fail. Reall, there is not much to say other then how cool Welchcraft is coming, I need more voices as of right this second, but I will get them recorded soon. My whole life is revolving around this toon! So I better get a daily!!! Well, that is it.. Message me on Newgrounds or twitter, or skype, or facebook! I really don't mind. WELP, GATTA GO DEW WHAT I DEW BEST! and that is, ANIMATE! Love you guys! See yah!
~ Captain Allen (Amazingbouy)

Super nice!


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2013-03-02 09:27:14

You better finish it before I strangle the shit out of your asshole...