Welchcraft Episode 3

2013-01-24 18:35:56 by Amazingbouy

Hey guys! So my youtube just exploded and some how got over 150 in like, four days! Jall' can check my Youtube out HERE Also I made a facebook fan page for some updates by me and Mario (co-creator of everything I make) FACEBOOKPAGE . So anyway, I have been working on Welchcraft since the day Mario came over to do the voices (this was about three weeks ago) I can't really show you guys it because well, it would SOIL IT!! So, that is that... But, even with the Yiynova, music, and red bulls at my will, I still only have 37.2 seconds done! Not all of that is colored, and most of it doesn't have backgrounds, but I will later, I just did it to save time. Also, CooliSushi is doing all the Backgrounds for this cartoon! Last time Rhys did them all, this time it is cooli, and I have got to say, pretty gnarly stuff! Welp, I have more cartoonin to do, feel free to check out them links, add me as a friend on Newgrounds and or Skype, and have a welchin' day!

Welchcraft Episode 3


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2013-01-24 19:20:19

hi ;)

Amazingbouy responds:



2013-01-24 19:50:20

Looks pretty cool.

Amazingbouy responds:

Thanks man! I think your stuff is awesome too, message me!


2013-01-29 05:59:47

Welchcraft looks pretty awesome so far, hopefully it comes out soon. Nice work on getting like 150 subscribers lol I only got like 5 on youtube I don't really use it.