What's all this?

2012-11-21 15:34:04 by Amazingbouy

Within the last month, I have had so many things awesome happen to me! I met Solrac, Ego, Tomar, HotDiggityDemond, and I got half of the next young show done!!! This is pretty amazing if you ask me. Also, this Christmas, I am treating myself to a new Cintiq!

Aside all of that, I need to finish a cartoon for school. Because I didn't make an essay on time, I have one week to make an awesome cartoon to show my class about Physics :S. It is due the 25th of November, so I'll upload it to Newgrounds soon after! Other than that, just keep being awesome, and expect the unexpected. I have a Skype you know, so if you want to add me, we can talk when I'm not knee deep in work. My name is CaptainHappee (Captain is my first name and Happee is my old user name.. Happeebouy transformed into Amazingbouy for Newgrounds because it's sexy) THANKS GUYS BYE!

What's all this?


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2012-12-10 17:28:01

i like your username