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2015-09-16 06:49:36 by Amazingbouy

So, apart from never actually animating much anymore, I'm usually helping other animations in the background more than I am doing my own things. For example, The Kombo Movie, HummyGares, and prolly a few others I can't think of right away. My (bootleg) cintiq compleatly became un-usable and I am back to an old Wacom Tablet that doesnt even belong to me haha SOOOOO I'm just, going with the flow! I'm sorry for anyone who's been looking for content and has not gotten any :/ 

I am out of school now and have a lot more time (unfortunatly) So, I have actuallyy been able to ALREADY START DOING ANIMATION SHIT AGAIN yoot yoot! I am just some ass-hole 18 year old kid and would be suprised if anyone actually read this. With that being said, I am actually SUPER easy to get in contact with. From twitter or skype, both of those links are in my bio. But, don't bother trying to contact me from Facebook. I don't fucks with Facebook straight up. 

I don't really have much else to say other than I'm alive, back do being on the computer and you can talk to me :')

Have an Amazing day everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 



2015-01-04 04:16:25 by Amazingbouy

I have not posted here in a little while. So, I'll get right to the point! I'll be posting a FNAF cartoon sometime within the next few days, and I will also be working on Welchcraft 5 as well! So, umm, yeah! STAY ON OR SOMETHING SHIT


What can I say..

2014-08-23 10:43:39 by Amazingbouy

What can I say other than thank you guys so much for getting me daily 4th on WelchCraft! This is the first time I ever gotten a daily with my own animation! I'm so happy guys, thank you so much. On that note, I should be working on other toons for a while and I hope to get something else uploaded in the near future! For now, hang tight my friends.. 

check it niggas! I have started writing Welchcraft 4, and I did the voices for the young show yesterday! As you know, Welchcraft comes out on Augest 22 of every year, but young show could come out before that... 3854359_138611219261_webcam-toy-photo31.jpg

I'll be doing those two on top of an Animal Crossing cartoon! Whenever I get bored of doing on cartoon, I jump to another (pretty fucking smart, yeah?) So anyway, See you guys in the next year!


August 22

2013-07-27 12:43:33 by Amazingbouy

Welchcraft Episode 3

August 22

Super nice!

2013-02-22 01:57:10 by Amazingbouy

How much did I say I had done with Welchcraft? Like, 40 seconds? yeah, fuck all that! Just about over 110 seconds done of it! And it is looking BALL! I really cannot say too too much about it for obvious reasons, but I can say I will be showing everyones names in this one because of past confusion of their names.. Sorry about that fail. Reall, there is not much to say other then how cool Welchcraft is coming, I need more voices as of right this second, but I will get them recorded soon. My whole life is revolving around this toon! So I better get a daily!!! Well, that is it.. Message me on Newgrounds or twitter, or skype, or facebook! I really don't mind. WELP, GATTA GO DEW WHAT I DEW BEST! and that is, ANIMATE! Love you guys! See yah!
~ Captain Allen (Amazingbouy)

Super nice!

Welchcraft Episode 3

2013-01-24 18:35:56 by Amazingbouy

Hey guys! So my youtube just exploded and some how got over 150 in like, four days! Jall' can check my Youtube out HERE Also I made a facebook fan page for some updates by me and Mario (co-creator of everything I make) FACEBOOKPAGE . So anyway, I have been working on Welchcraft since the day Mario came over to do the voices (this was about three weeks ago) I can't really show you guys it because well, it would SOIL IT!! So, that is that... But, even with the Yiynova, music, and red bulls at my will, I still only have 37.2 seconds done! Not all of that is colored, and most of it doesn't have backgrounds, but I will later, I just did it to save time. Also, CooliSushi is doing all the Backgrounds for this cartoon! Last time Rhys did them all, this time it is cooli, and I have got to say, pretty gnarly stuff! Welp, I have more cartoonin to do, feel free to check out them links, add me as a friend on Newgrounds and or Skype, and have a welchin' day!

Welchcraft Episode 3

Got a Cintiq!

2012-12-28 07:54:26 by Amazingbouy

Well, not the real thing. A Yiynova 19' Monitor tablet. So far, it preforms just as good as a Cintiq, at over half the price it was worth the buy! I can draw faster, and get more hands on experience with my cartoons. Also, the screen it fraggin' big, so that is always cool. I have a little laptop, so next to each other, the Yiynova eats it up! The color looks better so, all around awesome piece of Equipment!

Also, in brighter news, Me ans Mario (subzeroanimations) have officially started scripting Welchcraft episode 3! Episode three is unfortunately the last episode, but! We are working our rears off to make it perfect! No sound problems, no art failure, no animation chopping, all blood and tears! We have only been working on it for a week or so, and already love how it's coming out. So, look forward to that. I will not work on any side projects until this is done, so if you guys want any more news on welchcraft and more, favorite me as a author on Newgrounds! Or add me on Skype! Or even follow me on Twitter, @Amazingbouy! Hope to hear from you guys, and please, don't hesitate to get in contact with me, and as always, thanks for liking my toons!

Got a Cintiq!

Sorry guys...

2012-12-15 19:51:14 by Amazingbouy

I'm not sure how many of you guys know, but Steven never wants to do the Young show again. I will kill it off some, tasteless short unfunny way, by Christmas! Also, some more bad news, I am fresh out of ideas for cartoons! I am working on something kinda important, but I can't give the details about it just yet. I can say this, Welchcraft episode will be the last one... But! It will be super long, it will end the series amazingly, and you guys will love it! Trust Captain, he knows.

Not sure how many of you guys have a twitter, but I got one of throws things! Follow Captain here
In other news, I am doing a lot of voice acting for some stuff, and numerous art submissions for something non-newgrounds related, so please don't think I'm just sitting on my ass being lazy! I am saving up for a Wacom Cintiq 22 inch, or a Yinova 19' cintiq alternative. Since I'm not rollin' in dough, it might be a while before I get one of them.

Sorry for hitting you guys in the face with a bunch of bad news, but life is just being life right now, I should give it some time. One more thing, Me, Solrac, Harri21hi, Lupy, AngelXMikey, Rhys510, CooliSushi, and ThePivotsXXD are doing a family poster, much like last years, but with more current characters of ours. The link to that is right here .
Here is also my kind of inactive bandcamp that I don't use all the time, there is nothing there that is not here, so don't freak out over that. Thanks for tunein' in guys, more stuff to come I hope, so just hang tight! BYE!!!!!

Sorry guys...

What's all this?

2012-11-21 15:34:04 by Amazingbouy

Within the last month, I have had so many things awesome happen to me! I met Solrac, Ego, Tomar, HotDiggityDemond, and I got half of the next young show done!!! This is pretty amazing if you ask me. Also, this Christmas, I am treating myself to a new Cintiq!

Aside all of that, I need to finish a cartoon for school. Because I didn't make an essay on time, I have one week to make an awesome cartoon to show my class about Physics :S. It is due the 25th of November, so I'll upload it to Newgrounds soon after! Other than that, just keep being awesome, and expect the unexpected. I have a Skype you know, so if you want to add me, we can talk when I'm not knee deep in work. My name is CaptainHappee (Captain is my first name and Happee is my old user name.. Happeebouy transformed into Amazingbouy for Newgrounds because it's sexy) THANKS GUYS BYE!

What's all this?